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Know Why Weekly Home Cleaning Is Better Than Monthly Cleaning

Updated: Sep 7, 2020

If you have been thinking about hiring a professional service for home cleaning in Baltimore for a while, then The Canton Cleaning Company is here to assist you. Are you considering a bi- weekly cleaning or a monthly cleaning plan?

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Simply imagine yourself coming back and relaxing in a thoroughly cleaned house without lifting a finger. The dusted shelves, vacuumed carpets, fresh smelling bathrooms and mopped floors - getting all these prominent areas magically clean isn't it a great thought? Now think of when you get to know that you don't have to do it on your own. Sounds fantastic, right?

Undoubtedly, professional deep cleaning of your adorable home is beneficial for you and your family, especially during today’s climate. Let's take a look at why bi-weekly cleaning is better than monthly cleaning during these critical times.

Regular Routine

If you have ever hired someone for house cleaning in Baltimore, you may tussle around till the last minute, before the cleaning service arrives at the doorstep. So that they are nimbly able to dedicate their time to cleaning the actual house. And yes, this makes sense!

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However, when you use home cleaning services, it merely eliminates the time frame in which things usually become messy. In simple words, the less time between the cleaning schedules means minimal clutter. Certainly, you can rest at ease while knowing that weekly cleaning services will keep your home entirely organized in the best manner.

A Fresh Start to the Week

What else can be better than stepping into a sparkling clean house that is totally dust free and has that pleasant smell of cleaning products like lavender or lemon? In fact, these two primary ingredients are known for leaving us in a happier mood, which is scientifically proven. Ultimately, it is never a bad idea to get your house cleaned every few weeks and to have a perfect start.

No Need to Invest in Cleaning Supplies

Canton Cleaning Company's bi-weekly home cleaning in Baltimore ensures our own cleaning products and supplies that satisfy the green cleaning initiative for those who want them. From glass cleaners to the disinfectants, we keep everything in stock so that our customers don't have to worry about carrying them. Overall, this helps you save money on the cleaning supplies as well.

Promotes Self-Care

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Hiring a bi-weekly house cleaning service definitely allows you to have more of me-time. We can say that it is the perfect form of self-care. You simply get to relax and experience peace of mind while receiving a spotless and freshly cleaned home. Plus, you can also focus on your other to-dos in the meantime and gives you more time to share love and joy with your family. After all, spending time with your loved ones is admittedly better than giving your time to polishing or scrubbing those stubborn stains.

You Get Better Deals

Unlike other cleaning companies, Canton Cleaning Company doesn't have high service costs. Here's how. When you opt for weekly or bi-weekly cleaning, it takes less time to handle the clutter and the mess. It merely means that when an extra level of detail work is done every coming week or two to clean your home, things become much more manageable. Ultimately, you get better deals that are far more affordable than the as needed or monthly cleaning costs.

Being the best provider for house cleaning in Baltimore, we have a trained and licensed team of professional cleaners that knows what it takes to deliver a guaranteed cleaning. Yes, we also ensure that everyone stays happy, healthy, and safe during COVID times.

Want to know more about how our services work? Connect with us at 410 618 1370.

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