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The Ultimate Fall Cleaning Checklist for Your Home or Office

Updated: Nov 20, 2020

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Generally, October marks the beginning of fall in Baltimore. Chill in the air, turning leaves, and a welcoming respite between the heat of summer and cold wintry days; several things make this season a pleasant time to enjoy the weather. Between pulling sweaters and making efforts to protect yourself against allergies and germs- fall cleaning may have struck your mind.

Fall offers the perfect opportunity to tackle the long-ignored chores related to home and office cleaning before your winter hibernation. Hiring a professional cleaning service in Baltimore for your deep cleaning struck your mind?

Check off steps mentioned below to get your home in shipshape, or hire commercial cleaning services in Baltimore to handle the cleaning job for your place of work:

Take Time to Purge

Observe all regions of your office to identify things that are no longer useful, and get rid of them. For example, does your workplace have broken furniture, damaged devices, and unwanted files? Ask yourself: Do you really need these things in your office? If they are beyond repair or sitting unnecessarily in the work area, remove them.

Clean Windows and Ceiling-Mounted Light Fixtures

During a routine cleaning, these areas of the office receive the least attention. When the weather is changing, clean all the windows and ceiling-mounted light fixtures of your place. For heavy-duty cleaning, look for an answer to ‘which is the best company for commercial cleaning near me’.

Clean the Carpets

Although carpets remain useful for a long time without routine care, professional services should be hired at least twice a year to maintain the carpet's health. Also, clean your office’s carpets each week to remove dust and residue.

Dust Your Devices

Grab a microfiber cloth and dust your computers, printers, and other devices. If there is a kitchen area in your office, clean out the refrigerator and coffee machine. You can also hire office cleaning services to dust your devices with specialized equipment.

Take advantage of pleasant weather to clean your home and turn it into a safe sanctuary. Try these cleaning tips this fall:

Clean Your Kitchen

In this step, clean your kitchen grouts and condition your cabinets. Apart from that, clean and disinfect your garbage cans. If the dishwasher, oven, and refrigerator aren’t cleaned for a long time, use specialized quality cleaners to clean them.

Contact a trusted professional that provides house cleaning in Baltimore to take care of every nook and cranny of your kitchen.

Declutter the Closets

If your closet doesn’t have space to hold more items, spend some time organizing it and removing things that are no longer in use. In the storage area, you may find summer dresses and accessories that you cannot wear for the next few months; find an alternative storage solution for them.

Sweep the Chimneys

If your home has a fireplace and chimneys, give a little attention to them this fall season. Clean and prepare them for winter when you need to keep the inside of your home cozy and comfortable.

Take Care of Living Areas and Bedrooms

From vacuuming upholstered furniture to wiping down your television and cleaning areas under beds, there are plenty of things that need to be covered in this step. For deep cleaning, you should hire a trusted and professional house cleaning in Baltimore.

Inspect Exterior of Your House

Besides cleaning all areas of your home, spend some time inspecting and repairing weather stripping around doors and windows. Apart from that, clean the gutters and drain the pool.

In Summary

You can prepare your home/office for any season by investing into it and hiring cleaning services in Baltimore.


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