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Providing Commercial Janitorial services to Clients & Neighbors!

Services are Tailored to Organizations Large & Small with Schedule and Frequency Flexibility!! 

Professional Commercial Cleaning Services Near You

Now more than ever, workplaces need to be clean of germs and dirt to promote a healthy and effective workplace. Are you doing a disservice to the trust of your employees and customers by having  below par cleaning practices?  Food spills, dirt, dust build-up and the overall lack of routine cleaning, are just some of the reasons why an office gradually starts losing its original shine.


If your place of business is not looking as appealing as it was 6 months ago, it may need a facelift. You should consult the services of a professional cleaning company. When searching “office cleaning services near me”, look no further than The Canton Cleaning Company. Complete our Commercial Survey to start the process to address your commercial cleaning needs.

Industries of Our Current Commercial Cleaning Partners

General Buildings/ Offices

Fitness Studios

Medical Offices



Car Dealerships

Retail Stores

Apartment Buildings


Multi-Use Properties



And Many More!

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Floor Care

No matter if your office space is covered with carpet, tile, concrete or hardwood, consider it YOUR DIRECTOR OF FIRST IMPRESSIONS. Foot traffic from the outside and the nature of your operation can make your floors a breeding ground for dust, dirt, debris and germs. The visual eye sore to you or your guests on the largest surface in your building may also be a perception to some in your quality of care. In addition to normal floor care service, we also provide stripping/waxing/buffing services on request. Don’t step over your floor care, when searching for the best commercial cleaning near me, choose us, The Canton Cleaning Company.

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Entry Areas

Can you see the light behind those smudges? Entry areas and doors are the first impression for someone walking into a space. In addition, door knobs and handles are high touch point areas and should be disinfected routinely. Our commercial cleaning experts are PROFESSIONALLY TRAINED and have the right experience and the right equipment to handle your COMMERCIAL CLEANING SERVICES in Baltimore, Washington DC, Philadelphia or Charleston.

office space

Common Areas

Break rooms, kitchens, conference rooms and other areas of frequent use should be ROUTINELY KEPT CLEAN. As employees share the use of these areas, the care and attention to cleaning should be done routinely. COMMUNAL areas should be free of dust, dirt and debris in addition to routine disinfection. DO NOT OVERLOOK your communal areas when searching  for your next provider of commercial cleaning services in Baltimore, Washington DC, Philadelphia or Charleston.



Restrooms are an essential area for all places of business. PRACTICING GOOD restroom HYGIENE is a reflection of the amount of care that is going into your place of business. Whether you are allowing customers to come into your space or not, maintaining a clean and sanitary restroom is vital to everyone's health and happiness.

We provide PROFESSIONAL cleaning solutions for commercial  cleaning services. No matter if your office is large or small, we have A customized cleaning solution for you. providing office cleaning services near you in Baltimore, Washington DC, Philadelphia or Charleston.

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