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Cleaning a Home to Pass a Lead Paint Inspection

Are you looking to start renting out your Baltimore Row Home? If so, your home was probably built before 1978 and lead paint was used during the construction. Lead poisoning can cause health complications and the primary source is from dust that builds from deteriorating lead paint. In this article we will help to simplify the process of cleaning a home with lead paint to pass inspection.

The lead inspection is generally a simple test, where the tester does a dust swipe of certain areas around the home and most commonly around and inside the window well and sill. In other cases, the tester may take an X-Ray instead of the swipe. As lead dust is generally sticky, it is important to use a chemical to break apart the stickiness. In order to pass inspection the window well needs to be spotless. Even the smallest fragment of dust will fail the inspection.

We recommend using a cleaning chemical called ‘TSP’ or Trisodium Phosphate. ‘TSP’ effectively helps to break apart the bond in lead dust and neutralize the lead by turning it into phosphate. Please follow the directions according to the ‘TSP’ box to most effectively perform the cleaning. It is imperative to follow all instructions and completely ensure the window well and sills are completely dust free in order to pass inspection. If you are unlucky enough to fail an inspection, it may take days or even weeks to perform a retest of the space which may cost you rental dollars as well as exposing health hazards to you or your tenants.

The Canton Cleaning Company is a full service home cleaning service in Baltimore, and we regularly clean homes with lead paint to help pass local government inspections.

Still have questions or if you need a hand to do the cleaning itself- you could always just hire us to help! The Canton Cleaning Company is a full service cleaning company providing Home Cleaning services in Baltimore, Commercial Cleaning Services in Baltimore, Commercial Cleaning Services in Charleston, SC, Commercial Cleaning Services in Philadelphia, and Commercial Cleaning Services in Washington, DC.

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