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Cleaning Your Home with Toddlers

We have all seen the viral Tik Tok videos about the “Secret to a Clean Home” which tells you about the rules of life to have a clean home. Those rules being…

  1. Never get married.

  2. Never have kids.

  3. Never own a pet.

Now let's be real, for those of us who have one, two, or all three of those things…how do you keep a clean house? While toddlers are at that age where you are teaching them about routine hygiene and light cleaning tasks, such as cleaning up their toys, throwing away their trash, or even bringing you their dirty dishes, your little ones can only help so much. Here are a few tricks for a quick clean-up routine when you have toddlers!

For the Working Parents

For working parents, it can be quite exhausting to have to clean up your home. After you have spent all day working, spending some quality time with your family, and are getting ready to end your day. Who has time to deep clean their home after that? Never fear! Let’s just take this one step at a time!

Bedtime Routine

If your toddler is at the age where they should be learning how to clean up after themselves, this is the perfect time to teach them! Whether it’s as simple as handing you their toys to put away or putting their dirty laundry into their laundry basket, have your toddler help you if they can. Proceed with your normal bedtime routine of giving them a bath, brushing their teeth, and tucking them into bed.

Quick Kitchen Clean-Up

Now that your kids are settled into bed, quickly clean up your kitchen from your dinner mess. Take care of the dishes, wipe the counter and your table, take out the trash, sweep the floor, and voila! We now have a clean kitchen and some peace of mind. It's always easier to relax in a clean home. After-all we deserve it!

Living Room Clean-Up

If your kids have a lot of their toys in your living room area, quickly pick them up and wipe off your coffee table of any snack remnants! If you have hard surface floors in your living room, quickly sweep them. This is more so a quick clean to make sure that you can rest easy and start fresh the next day. If we pick up a bit after every kiddy "disaster", it wont feel as chaotic and stressful in your home due to everything not being all pilled up on top of each other all at once. Remember though, don’t wake the sleeping toddlers by running the vacuum, or if you are lucky enough to have toddlers that sleep through anything, go ahead and vacuum away!


We are only one person and sometimes it feels like we can never keep up with what life throws at us and thats ok! With a few easy steps that we can do on a daily/nightly basis, our lives can feel a bit at peace when it comes to our home upkeep. Making sure that we aren't being too hard on ourselves when we skip a day because work was bonkers and Jimmy just wouldn't go to bed, is also totally ok. Not all of us have a nanny and or a recurring cleaner on standby. Things happen and there is always tomorrow. Just keeping in mind the times we can clean up a bit is a plus and helpful to our home and well sanity. Now all thats left is quality family time and hopefully, a little less stress.

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