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Common Cleaning Mistakes

From the kitchen to the bathroom and everywhere in between, we all have our range of methods for cleaning, but are these methods really cutting it?

We asked our experts to tell us how to be a house cleaning hero, by avoiding these common cleaning mistakes.

Not Cleaning Your Vacuum

There's no point trying to clean your floor with a dirty vacuum. This just creates a tornado of dust, dander and other containments flooding the air of your home.

To keep your vacuum working efficiently, remove any hair, fluff and string of the brush rollers after each use and check the hoses for any blockages such as small toys and hair elastics.

You should also empty dust canisters and wash the filters at least monthly, and for bagged models replace the bag when it's two-thirds full because waiting until it's bursting is too late.

Not Wiping Down Your Oven

Unless you have a self-cleaning oven, the daunting task of scrubbing your oven requires strong chemicals and a lot of elbow grease. Or does it?

As a cleaning company, we would like to tell you there's a much cheaper and easier alternative: wipe down your oven after every use! This reduces any baked-on residue from building up and causing the oven to smoke and smell.

Its as simple as that! Plus, the long chore that requires ample amounts of cleaning supplies and elbow grease, turns into just a just one minute wipe down.

Using Hot Water To Clean Stains

When you are looking to do a deep clean. Hot water isn't your friend when it comes to stain removal, especially those that are protein-based such as blood, because it helps to set the stain in rather than lift it.

Instead, use cold water when it comes to those pesky stains with your everyday household cleaner.

Not Replacing Sponges Regularly

Among everyday household items that need to be replaced, kitchen sponges are the ickiest: they are often wet, warm and contain traces of food, meaning they are breeding grounds for bacteria. So basically, you're spreading bacteria around your kitchen when you use an old sponge!

Using Bleach To Remove Mold

There are multitudes of cleaning supples that claim to kill mold. Many of these contain bleach, which kills surface mold but not the mold that lies underneath.

Bleach can simply take the color out of mold, which can make it invisible, but it's actually still lurking there. The best solution to cleaning mold is to use good old vinegar, which is much more effective for use on porous materials. Plus, its eco friendly, cost effective and you most likely already have it in your home!

With the help of our Baltimore Residential Cleaning Services, as well as our Baltimore Commercial Cleaning Services, you’ll never have to worry about these common mistakes being made for a clean home or office.

The Canton Cleaning Company is a full service cleaning company providing Home Cleaning services in Baltimore, Commercial Cleaning Services in Baltimore, Commercial Cleaning Services in Charleston, SC, Commercial Cleaning Services in Philadelphia, and Commercial Cleaning Services in Washington, DC.

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