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Disinfecting Services in Baltimore | The Canton Cleaning Company

Hiring a Disinfecting Service

There is nothing more important than keeping yourself and those around you healthy, and sometimes that means taking those extra preventative steps to ensure your spaces are clean and more importantly, safe.

Hiring a cleaning company in Baltimore with experience in proper disinfecting services might just be what your business needs before returning to the office. Or maybe it’s what your home might need after a family member is exposed to coronavirus. Whatever the reasoning, The Canton Cleaning’s disinfecting services in Baltimore are here for you.

How It Works

Our disinfecting services in Baltimore have been highly researched by our skilled team of professionals. We use various tools including foggers with UV lights that allows us to disinfect all surfaces quickly and thoroughly that may be covered with harmful germs and bacteria. We even offer disinfection services that use a chemical that kills germs that cause the coronavirus in under 1 minute.

Disinfecting Services for Your Business

As we slowly begin going back to our offices in 2021, using preventative measures and hiring disinfecting services in Baltimore will allow your staff to return to the office with peace of mind knowing their employer took preventative steps to disinfect their workspace.

We offer commercial disinfecting services in Baltimore (and beyond!) for both one-time appointments and can even accommodate as a recurring appointment in a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly visit. Reach out to or call our office at 410-618-1370 to get started!

Disinfecting Services in Your Home

Canton Cleaning Company also offers residential disinfecting services in Baltimore, the Baltimore metro area and beyond! Disinfecting services can be added on to any of our home cleaning services, just indicate that you’d like the service in the notes section of our home survey. Disinfecting services in your home might be a good option if someone in your household is exposed to coronavirus or even the common cold. If you want additional sanitization methods completed to ensure the safety and health of those in your home, our disinfecting services are a great place to start.

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