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Get a Jump on Your Spring Cleaning!

And just like that Spring is here! With the change of the season comes the blooming flowers, or for those with allergies- the pollen fairies, and of course… Spring Cleaning!

Okay, let's talk about the dreaded Spring Cleaning. Everyone always thinks of Spring Cleaning as that time of year to deep clean their windows, start their gardening and lawn care, or even just dusting the collectibles around the house that are too tedious to dust on a regular basis. However, Spring Cleaning is so much more than that!

Here is a short and sweet list of the Spring Cleaning Essentials outside of your normal household “deep cleaning” tasks.

Freshen Up Your Household Linens

For those of you who have curtains, decorative pillows, or “looking at” linens…take everything to your laundry room! Wash and dry all of your decorative linens and have them smell like your favorite fabric softener!

Get Behind Those Appliances

Alright, grab your partner or a friend and move your oven, refrigerator, and laundry appliances away from the wall. Be careful not to accidentally damage the connections though! Get behind your appliances to clean the floors really well and wipe the dust and debris from the back of your appliances. For more information on deep cleaning your washer and dryer, take a look at some of our previous blogs!

Freshen Up Your Furniture

The oldest trick in the book…BAKING SODA! Sprinkle some baking soda on your upholstered furniture and mattresses. Wait for about 30 minutes or so then vacuum your furniture. The baking soda will absorb those lingering odors and have everything smelling fresh and clean for you!

Purge Everything

Everyone is all about the organization aesthetic right now. A Huge part of Spring Cleaning is to purge everything! In the words of Marie Kondo “Keep only those things that speak to your heart.” Go through your closets, get your kids involved, and go through their toys. Do you still have clothes with tags still on them? Are you going to wear it anytime soon? Are there toys or electronics that are missing parts? How much time and money would it take to fix or find the parts needed? Could someone else benefit from the items you no longer need, if so, donate! Go through your kitchen and throw away anything that has expired, believe it or not, your spice cabinet probably needs some replacements!

Leave the Rest to The Canton Cleaning Company!

For those of you who don’t have enough hours in the week to deep clean your home, don’t worry! The Canton Cleaning Company has you covered! We can handle cleaning your baseboards, kitchen appliances, window detailing, and more! All you have to do now is sit back and relax and enjoy the sunshine in a fresh and clean home!

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