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How to Clean and Organize your Interior Kitchen Cabinets

The kitchen is the heart of the home. It’s the place where we spend a lot of time not only cooking, but spending time with family and friends. This however means that it’s the place where it gets messy fairly quickly. Therefor, keeping everything organized can become a challenge. To help save yourself from the headaches of trying to find the right products while preparing a meal, we are going to help get your kitchen cabinets as clean and organized as possible.

Lets begin with cleaning the interior of the cabinets first.

Remove tough stains

  • Use a toothbrush (if needed), sponge, and microfiber towels

  • Remove dishes, food, etc.

  • Clean with soap and water first.

  • Elbow grease and soap works on most dirt and grime.

  • Soak crusty food or grease for a few minutes to break up stubborn stains.

  • Wipe clean, rinse and dry.

  • Use vinegar solution,baking soda, or a cleaning solution like Krud Kutter for persistent stains.

  • Test inconspicuous area first before applying either cleaner on stained wood cabinets. Then wipe off immediately.

Now that we have cleaned the interior portion of our cabinets, lets begin organising.

1. spice rack organizer

There are plenty of spice cabinet organizers that involve tools and installation guides. Kitchen organization shouldn’t be that hard, so thankfully there are spice organizers with different layout options that can adjust to your needs (i.e. size and type, like plastic or glass).

Investing in a pull out spice rack for cabinets lets you hang it from the underside of your cabinet shelf and allows you to see all of your spices for quick accessibility.

2. Install hooks

For small and medium lids, you can install Command Hooks inside of your kitchen cabinet doors and then place the lid on the hooks. Be sure to measure your lid so that the hooks are evenly spaced.

3. stackable bins

Keep kitchen storage and organization simple with plastic or glass storage containers that you can label and see through. This way, you can customise your wanted look.

4. Lazy Susan

Lazy Susan's can really transform your kitchen space, and you can easily see all of the contents with a quick turn.

5. hanging baskets

Hanging baskets are great storage solutions, but they’re really useful hidden inside of your cabinet.

6. pull out lid holder rack

You’ll want to measure your cabinet first to ensure that your big and small pot lids fit correctly, and that there’s room when you slide the shelf out. Depending on the number of lids, you could also squeeze in small baking sheets or cutting boards.

7. stackable shelves

Use stackable shelves specifically made for kitchen cabinets or you can get creative with desk organisers. Keep in mind the height of the items so that it’s easier to grab on a daily basis.

8. hooks for oven mitts

Adhesive hooks are a staple with many organization projects, but they’re really handy when they can save you drawer space. You can comfortably hang 1-2 items on each hook, as well as hide them if wanted in a cabinet. If adhesive hooks aren't your thing, and or you want to show off your cute mitts, hanging hooks are also just as useful.

9. Arrange items based on frequency

Put everyday dishes within easy reach with holiday or special occasion pieces up above. This also includes spices, dry goods and food that are used more so on a day to day basis


Now that our cabinets are clean and organised, we can finally cook with out all of that extra stress. No more random bags of chips or tupperware lids hitting us in the head due to them just being thrown in. This will also help with using all of the purchased items before they expire because they are actually visible! It truly is a win-win solution for organization purposes and lets be real, our sanity.

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