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How to Deep Clean your Dryer

In some of our previous posts, we talked about how to deep clean your top load washer and your front load washer. Now, let’s talk about your other large laundry appliance…your dryer!

Most people think that just cleaning out the lint trap at the top or inside the door to the dryer is enough. But did you know that not thoroughly cleaning your dryer could be a fire hazard or could even be the reason why you still have to use your lint roller on freshly washed clothes?

This blog will cover an easy way to deep clean your dryer and how to maintain it! If you have never encountered a dust bunny, prepare yourself to meet the colony of dust bunnies in your home!

Supplies Needed

  • Microfiber Towels

  • All-Purpose Cleaner

  • Dryer Vent Brush

  • Vacuum

  • Broom

  • Electric Drill (optional)

  • Extendable Dryer Vent Brush (optional)

Clean the Outside and Blades of Your Dryer

We know what you're thinking…“Duh, Canton Cleaning, I wipe down the outside of my dryer! I hate looking at the dust and lint on it!” While this seems like a pretty mundane step in the process, it helps to prevent the build-up of dust and lint coming from your dryer as you use it.

Make sure to use a microfiber towel to wipe off any excessive lint and dust from the top of the dryer and off of the dryer blades within the drum. Then spray some all-purpose cleaner and wipe away any lint that is stuck to the top of the dryer and the blades.

And for those of you who have your life together, just think, you will have a perfectly clean area to fold your clothes when they come out of the dryer! However, for those of us who still live out of our laundry baskets, we can dream about being able to fold our laundry on top of our clean dryer.

Clean Under the Lint Filter and Trap

Believe it or not, your lint trap is designed to collect large amounts of lint, but have you ever thought about where the little whisps end up going?

If your lint trap is inside the dryer, you must unscrew the plastic housing for the lint filter. Take your vacuum with a crevice attachment and vacuum out the lint trap then wipe it with a microfiber towel and some all-purpose cleaner.

If your lint trap is located at the top of your dryer, remove your lint filter and take a dryer vent brush and insert it into the lint trap to remove as much build-up as possible.

Before you replace your lint filter, wash it with warm soapy water to clean any build-up collecting in the mesh screen. Allow the filter to dry completely before placing it back into the lint trap.

Before we move on to the next step, take a second to wipe down the front of your dryer with your microfiber towel and all-purpose cleaner.

Clean Out the Exhaust Tubing and Behind Your Dryer

Okay, time for some heavy lifting…or shoving at least. Now you are going to want to move your dryer away from the wall and unplug it to be able to clean the vents and the exhaust housing on the back of your dryer.

Unscrew the hose from the wall and the dryer and take it over to the trash can to try and shake as much of the lint out as possible. Before you reattach the exhaust housing, you are going to want to wipe down the back of the dryer since lint and dust like to stick to the metal plating on the back.

And while you are back there, say “sayonara” to your dust bunny colony and vacuum them up! Believe it or not, these dust bunnies love to climb and stick to your walls too, so don’t forget to vacuum the wall and baseboards behind your dryer too!

Go ahead and reattach the exhaust housing, plug in your dryer, and move it back into place.

Cleaning Your Dryer Vent Outside

Let’s take a trip outside to where your dryer vents are located. A lot of people like to cover it with some bushes in their garden to keep everyone from seeing it.

Move your dryer vent brush in a circular motion inside the vent to clean out the lint build-up. Make sure that you feed the dryer vent brush in as far as you can and clean out as much lint as possible. Another option is to use an electric drill with an extendable vent brush attachment on it to feed into the dryer vent.

Regular Dryer Upkeep

Be sure to complete these steps more frequently to help maintain your dryer. Cleaning your exhaust tubing and the external dryer vent should be done a few times a year depending on how often you use your dryer.


There you have it! Now you are a laundry appliance cleaning master and dust bunny exterminator! This will indeed help your clothes get nice and dry faster without all the lint still stuck to them. Following these steps will indeed help make sure that the lifespan of not only your dryer, but your clothes, will last as long as possible.

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