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How to Make Your House Smell Fantastic

Smells are one of the most prominent first impressions when you enter someone's home.

We are immune to our own smells regardless of how ever good or bad that may be, so it’s always a good idea to put some extra effort to making your house smell good.

They say that clean has no smell, although this may be accurate, no one wants to smell nothing after they just finish cleaning.

So what better way to make you feel calmer than by adding a few all-natural home scents.

However, it can be very difficult to keep unpleasant odors away, especially if you are not aware that they exist.

So you need not worry as there are a number of ways that you can deodorize your home.

1. Pick a Day to Deep Clean

Lets face it, life gets in the way of basic house chores. So, picking a day of the week to deep clean your house and sticking to that schedule, will make sure that things don't ever get out of control. The only real challenge should be to do it again the following week! Make it a routine, and stick to it.

2. Laundry

The clean smells that come from clothes, pillow cases, blankets and towels that just came from the dryer indeed can help with smells, but also helps with that extra cozy feel.

Your guests as well as yourself, will indeed appreciate this while staying in your home.

3. Homemade Scented Vinegar cleaner

Now it’s not enough to just cover up those unpleasant smells in your home, a deep cleaning is generally the best way to remove the source of any bad smells that may be lingering. Here is an example of a cleaning solution that you can make at home.

Spray Ingredients

  • Distilled water

  • Distilled white vinegar

  • Isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol

  • Essential oils

How To Make a Multi Purpose Cleaning Spray


  • 1 cup distilled water

  • 1/2 cup distilled white vinegar

  • 1/2 cup isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol

  • Essential oils


  1. Using the funnel, slowly pour each ingredient into the spray bottle.

  2. Attach the lid, and give the bottle a swirl for a minute to mix everything together.

What can I use this multi purpose cleaning spray for?

This cleaner is disinfecting, antibacterial, antimicrobial, and degreasing, it really is the only multi purpose spray you’ll ever need.

You can use this spray to clean countertops, sinks, showers and bathtubs, appliances, walls, glass, and even most floors (such as vinyl, laminate, linoleum, and tile)!

4. Clean Your Kitchen

Cleaning the kitchen does not only mean ‘do the dishes’, it means, ‘Clean the whole Kitchen!’ That includes wiping down the counters with disinfectants, sweeping and mopping the floor, wiping down the stove and refrigerator, garbage disposal, and trash can.

There are always smells lingering from the kitchen if we don't stay on top of it. The trash can start to smell on just one day depending on what we have disposed of!

5. Make A Natural Homemade Carpet Freshener.

Now I know we all get that we need to vacuum and mop the floors, but the carpet is actually what holds in all of the funky smells!

It’s actually super easy to make your own carpet cleaner, and this will make your home and your carpets smell like new again.


  • 1 cup distilled white vinegar

  • 2 cups water

  • 2 tsp salt

  • 15 drops lavender essential oil

Shake the mixture well to mix, then spray on your carpet liberally. Allow to dry, then vacuum your carpet.

6. Clean the Bathrooms

Bathrooms are one of the most commonly used rooms in the house as well as one of the rooms that can get the dirtiest the fastest. Make sure to clean the mirror, wipe down the counters, clean inside and outside of the toilet, clean the shower/bath, sweep/mop.

7. Light a Candle

Everyone has an interpretation of what candles smells best. There a so many to choose from. Going with a natural smelling candle is always best when you're unsure. This will make sure you have delighted noses and nothing to overpowering.

8. Don’t Throw Out Your Air Freshener Plug-Ins (Refill Them Instead!)

If you have scented plugins, did you know that you can reuse them? All you have to do is create a mixture of your favorite essential oil scent and plug it back in.

Using an oil diffuser is also an excellent choice to make your room smell amazing.

Diffusing essential oils is a natural way to purify the air and enjoy the therapeutic benefits of aromatherapy, then having one in your home will make it smell all the better.

Essential oils not only help diffuse lingering smells but also help relieve stress, calm anxiety, elevate your mood, improve your sleep, and strengthen your immune system.


There you have it. Not only does your home smell nice and clean, but now you probably feel so much more relaxed as well. The only problem now is that you will have to force your guests to leave because they will want to stay forever!

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