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How to Prepare Your Home Before Going on a Vacation

We all know that vacations are full of fun, relaxation, love and memories, but we also know of the stresses and worries that come along with leaving your precious belongings behind. Not including dealing with finding hotels, flights, activites, pet boarding and or taking your pet with, and more. So let's try and help with preparing your home before you leave so that when you come back, there isn't the need to jump into action on fixing everything, and more so giving you some time to relax from your jetlag instead.

Lets get Tidy with it

Though cleaning your house may not be at all what you’re focused on while getting ready for a vacation, it will indeed be on your mind when you return to an untidy home. A clean house is what everyone hopes to come home to, but dealing with a mess, smells of old food and or even bugs is what literally no one ever wishes for when they come home to relax from their flight. So, lets vacation prep your home and have you set up for success when it comes to you being ready to come back into the "real world". For those of us that don't have a maid and or a recurring cleaning company, this blog is for you.

Let's get to it!

empty out that fridge:

This doesn't mean that we need to do a whole deep clean before we go, it just means let's look at what will go bad while we are gone. Anything that will expire and or any takeout can go straight into the trash. Nobody wants a stinky fridge when they get back, and if you do, well leave it in there! We suggest you don't though.

Clear Those kitchen counters:

Wipe down those sticky counters and put away any unopened snacks as well as seal any fruit that's being left out. If we don't put these things away we can back to gnats, fruit flies and or any other sort of unwanted guest. No thank you.

clean the sink:

If any of you checked out our last blog it was how to rid your kitchen of fruit flies and gnats. That being said, the sink and disposal are where they will be taking their family vacation while you are taking yours. This means that we want to make sure any dirty dishes are cleaned, the sink is rinsed out and even putting some vinegar and or hot water down your disposal to prevent flying pests would be extremely helpful. Shoo fly indeed.

Empty the dishwasher:

Making sure you don't have dirty dishes in the dishwasher will prevent mold and nasty smells that will indeed make themselves known if not taken care of. While we are at is, putting away any clean ones will just make it so we don't have to do them later when we are jet lagged.

Take out the trash and recycling:

If you think your fridge would be bad with food gone bad, just think of what your trash would be like. Make sure to take out that and trash and if you recycle, that can go as well. No trash left behind!

Pet care:

For all of us pet parents out there leaving our fur babies behind, making sure that you hire a pet sitter and or have a friend stopping by is a must. Even for cats! They may be a bit more self sufficient, sorry fido, than dogs, but they still are using that litter box and for some of those wild child kitties out there, making a mess for us to clean up.

Plant care:

Ok plant parents, let not forget about our plant babies! Making sure they are well watered and or having a friend come by to quench their first is a grand idea. If not, we could come home to dry leaves all over our home, depressed looking plants and or worse. Let's also blend the fur babies and plants together for a moment. Making sure to put the plants up where the fur children can't get to them is really important. Even though they may not mess with them while you are all home together, they could turn into party animals and feel the need to explore different things. Let's not risk it.


Phew, we did it! I know that this was the last thing that we wanted to do before going on vacation, but what a sweet relief it will be to return to a tidy home. Even though we spent our time relaxing, we still need that extra time to recoup and get back into the swing of our normal lives.

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