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Prepping Your Home For Guests

We all know how stressful it can be when guests are coming over, and you aren't prepared. So, if you’re looking for ways to get your home ready in a pinch, there are some things you need to focus on and some you can let go of. Sometimes that has to mean that it’s livable rather than perfect. Remember, you can't always clean every room when you are having last-minute guests, but then what actually needs to be done then? Let's begin!

The bathroom is a top priority

Having a clean and organized bathroom is not only important for obvious sanitary purposes, but due to the lack of activities that are done there, people tend to notice a bit more when it comes to cleanliness. Make sure you have a clean toilet bowl, wipe down the countertop and sink, and scrub the shower/tub. Make sure there are fresh hand and body towels as well. Light a candle and move on to the next step.

Whats smell got to do with it

A lot of us have pets or just stuffy houses that could use a good airing out. Opening a few windows not only helps with the smell and air quality; but who doesn't love some fresh air in general? You can choose to leave them open when your guests arrive depending on the weather. Make sure to take out any trash, and investigate any other source of possible bad smells. To add a nice smell to your house, light some candles, start your air purifier or light your favorite incense. Remember though, it’s important not just to cover up bad smells with a nice fragrance and or go overboard with too many strong smells. You want to get rid of the bad smells in general. We get used to our home scents, while for others, our smells are new to them and not always favored.

cleared entryway

Is your home welcoming when you first walk in? Or is it like walking into a war zone? Is there stuff everywhere? What seems cozy and personal to us, may just look like clutter to others. First impressions are so important. Make sure there is a clear path for your guests to get inside without tripping over anything or walking by something embarrassing like dirty laundry or trash. What would your mother in law say?

attack cluttered surfaces

Making sure that any areas that are used for entertaining are clean, clear, and under control is important for comfort. Make sure your table for mail, keys, and other random items is picked up. Clear off any surfaces that guests may use to put down drinks or food.

Clean the floors

Dirty floors give a bad impression, that's why having clean floors is so important. Now we don't need to go all Mrs. Hannigan or anything, but a good sweep or vacuum is ideal. This will make a huge difference in making your home guest ready.

Have snacks and Beverages

Being a good host always involves having a beverage or snack available to your guests. It’s sometimes awkward for a hungry or thirsty guest to ask for something, so offering or having things already prepared, breaks the ice a bit and makes everyone feel more at home. Who isn't happy when they have something yummy in their stomach? Another great thing about having food and drinks prepared for your guests is this can distract them if you need to tidy up some last few details.


So by now you indeed will have a welcoming and relaxing space to host your guests in. Putting away clutter and doing a wipe-down can make a world of difference when you don't have the time to deep clean your home. Keeping up with daily cleanings will make the last-minute guest pop-ins not so stressful, and or hiring a regular cleaner so you don't have to worry about it. A few last helpful tips that some may miss would be, making sure the thermostat is set to a comfortable temperature for everyone, and if that's not possible, that's why we should have extra blankets in the guest rooms! Lastly, if you have family on hand, make sure that they are helping you clean up as well! After all, we all make a bit of a mess sometimes, but helping with the cleaning so not one person is stuck with this is always the most important thing.

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