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The Dreaded Kitchen Grease

While using an air fryer is all the rage right now, most people still use traditional pan frying, deep frying, and other cooking methods that require oil of some sort. Obviously, we all remember to wipe our counters after cooking, but how many of us remember that our kitchen cabinets, exhaust hoods, and other kitchen surfaces are now covered in grease? For This blog specifically, we are going to focus on our cabinets and how to rid those nasty grease stains.

creating the grease monster

Determining what degreaser is the best to use, will help to remove built up grease from your kitchen cabinets. This will then help bring your cabinets back to life and also will provide a cleaner smell to your kitchen in general.

Whenever we are cooking with oil regardless of frying foods or not, this process creates grease. As we all know, grease can be quite aggressive while hot, and usually creates quite a mess. Though when we are done cooking, we know to wipe down the stovetop, but what about the other surfaces that the grease landed on. One of those many surfaces that we are speaking to is your cabinets.

Over time, and quickly we might add, that grease tends to build up. This then creates sticky, dirty, sometimes smelly, and dull looking cabinets. On top of the fact that grease is very frustrating to clean and fully get rid of. This is how we create unknowingly, the Grease Monster. The monster portrayed here may look cute, but it's the complete opposite when you are trying to clean up after it!

Choosing your Degreaser

When you're choosing a degreaser for your kitchen cabinets, there are some things you should look for in regards to keeping your cabinets safe from damage.

  • Having a degreaser that is safe for all types of wood and paint.

  • A degreaser that removes dirt as well as grease without having scrub your paint or finish off.

  • Finding a degreaser this is safe to use inside and doesn't have overly harsh chemicals.

Krud Kutter

Krud Kutter is an affordable degreaser that comes in a handy spray bottle. It removes grease from your kitchen cabinets and other surfaces. This degreaser removes both grease and stains and it won’t damage your cabinets when used as directed.

Goo Gone

Goo Gone works on finished wood, sealed stone, glass, plastic, stovetops and ovens. It has a clean orange scent and cuts through grease well and is easy to use.

You may need to apply this degreaser and leave it to sit for several minutes to remove stubborn grease stains. You may also need more than one application on really tough stains.

Easy Off

EASY OFF is a grease cutting formula that destroys grease and grime fairly quickly without a lot of effort. This can be use for a multitude of items including indoors and outdoors.

Using the Degreaser

When using a degreaser on your kitchen cabinets, this can take multiple steps depending on the amount of build up.

  1. Following the directions on bottle is key not only for the correct outcome, but some chemicals should never be mixed or left on for a certain period of time.

  2. Sometimes leaving the solution to set for a while on your cabinets is helpful to get the grease off easier.

  3. If some of the grease is still there, you may need to put more of the degreaser on those tougher spots.

  4. Make sure to wipe down the surrounding edges of the cabinets and check inside as well. Grease tends to get everywhere.

clean up

After you have finished using a degreaser on your kitchen cabinets, it’s important to rinse and dry them properly.

  1. Rinse with clean water: You can use a clean cloth or sponge dampened with clean water to rinse the cabinets.

  2. Wipe dry with a clean towel: Make sure to dry any excess water from the cabinet’s corners and crevices.

Protecting your Cabinets

There are some preventative things to help avoid grease buildups.

  • Using lids or splatter screens while cooking. This will help reduce the spray of grease drastically by just having pots and pans covered.

  • A grease cutting soap can be used for wiping down your cabinets on a daily basis and or if you were cooking and created some grease in the process.

  • If you have a an exhaust fan, making sure to turn that on while cooking. The exhaust fan will help with removing the grease while it's actually splattering in the air.


Removing the grease can help with your kitchens overall appearance. Kitchen cabinets are a prominent feature in the kitchen, and dirty or greasy cabinets can make the entire kitchen look unclean and unwelcoming. Regular cleaning of your cabinets can help keep your kitchen looking clean and inviting to anyone who enters it. Not only is cleaning of the cabinets good for decor purposes, but for hygiene and the prolonged life of your cabinets!

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