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The Forgotten Dust & Germs

Let's get real with ourselves, we are not perfect, there for things aren't always done in the best way possible and or sometimes ever. Is this a bad thing, not necessarily. Most of us just don't have the time to teach ourselves a new craft, or make a full list of all things that need to be done or fixed, and or we just never thought about it! Well on a good note, we aren't going to discuss full life changes here, more so just cleaning misses that we might not have thought about ever doing. However, if you are like most of us, these small items are what's making your allergies go off, and possibly even getting you sick.

While deep cleaning isn't anything to write home about, its extremely important not only for our bodies health, but for our mental health as well.

So, lets get it to it.

Helpful cleaning tools

Here are some things around your home that need cleaned more often:

Light Switches

Light switches are one of the most touched areas in your home.

Remember, there are light switches in your bathroom, but then also in your kitchen. So, even if you may have washed your hands, it doesn't mean that everyone else has, and yes you then touch the same light switch they did.

Thankfully they are easy to clean. Just wiped them down with some disinfectant and dry off.

Ceiling Fans

So most ceiling fans are above where we enjoy to be the most. It makes sense for our comfort level, however have we ever looked up at our ceiling fan when its turned off?

Fans collect dust and hair through the air, and then that dust just stays and builds up. Then this build up falls on us and our belongings constantly. I know, this is traumatising to some, or maybe just me. Nonetheless, it's an easy fix!

Turn your fan off and use either a step stool and a duster/microfiber cloth, and or if you have very high ceilings, a broom will help get all that dust off those blades for you.


Baseboards can be really beautiful and show the lovely framing of our home, however if forgotten, they can show the dust, spills, dog hair and so on.

It can be time-consuming and a bit of a back ache to clean baseboards, but boy does it make a difference when they are cleaned.

Baseboards can be cleaned with a cloth and some multipurpose spray if there is staining on them or lots of build up. If there is just dust and you don't want to be on the floors the whole time, using a broom along the edges is helpful and or if you have some mobility issues, there are some handy baseboard cleaning tools that you can use like the Baseboard Buddy as an example.


Walls get pretty filthy with any lifestyle. Pets, kids, parties, family gatherings, lots of cooking, you're an artist, there are so many ways to make a mess!

Check by light switches and door frames, it's pretty wild on how often we touch those surfaces.

Use a damp cloth and some cleaning spray. If you have some stubborn marks, try a Magic Eraser.

Toilet bowl bases

One of the least favorite cleaning activities is the toilet base. Not only is it just gross, it can also be a bit smelly. This however is why we need to keep up with the cleaning of this area. This will not only help with germs and smells, but also with the appearance of your bathroom!

Use an antibacterial solution and spray down your toilet base. Then wipe it down with a dry microfiber towel. Cleaning the floor surrounding the base is also helpful due to it usually being just as dirty.

Windows & door tracks

Regardless of how often we clean our interior glass windows, have we ever examined our window tracks? They are often very dirty and filled with dead bugs of some sorts.

Start off with a vacuum attachment and suck up anything that's dry first. Then use a damp microfiber cloth and run it along the track, getting all of the yuckiness along the way. If needed, use a toothbrush for any hard to reach spaces.


Blinds get dusty and grimy fairly quickly. To clean these, using a damp cloth and a duster is all you really need.

Faucets & Sinks

Since we do so much of our cleaning in the sink, it’s easy to forget that this area

actually needs cleaned too.

Use some multipurpose spray, or this is where The Pink Stuff Cleaning Paste comes in handy. Then just wipe it dry!


So, now that we know of these forgotten areas, we can add them to our cleaning routine. This will make it so these items never get as a bad as they were again. It's easy to forget about something that you didn't know you needed to clean, but now we know, and we are now deep cleaning pro's. However, if we decide that these are just a bit much to keep up with, we can always call in the professionals.

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