The Power of Steam! A Chemical Free Way of Cleaning!

Are you looking for a chemical free way for house cleaning in Baltimore? The answer is STEAM CLEANING! Steam cleaners use high heat and pressurized water to clean all areas of your home from grout and floors to kitchen appliances to bathrooms and more! The high heat that steam cleaners produce makes it easier to clean-up those tough spots with minimal scrubbing that would otherwise require a lot of elbow grease. There are a multitude of steam cleaners on the market now, giving you the option of handheld steam cleaners for smaller jobs and with multiple cleaning attachments, steam mops suitable for all floor types, and even combination steam cleaners.

A few of our favorite ways to use steam cleaners are on ovens, floors and grout!

We all hate the smell of degreasers and oven cleaners, of all cleaning products used they seem to have the most potent chemical smells to them. Use a handheld steam cleaner and the appropriate attachments to blast off any build-up on the bottom of your oven, inside the oven door, and even off of the oven racks, then wipe clean! There's no headache causing chemicals, no waiting for cleaners to penetrate and breakdown build-up spots, and the satisfaction of watching the grime melt away is one of the most satisfying feelings.