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Why a Commercial Deep Cleaning Needs Recurring Services Afterwards

When most people hear the term “deep clean,” they tend to think of it as a huge task that only needs to be done for a special occasion and or a one time thing to make a space "like new" again. Deep cleans can lead to a spotless environment, but what people may not know is that depending on the condition of the space, additional cleanings are most likely needed. If it takes years to dirty up a place, it usually will take multiple cleanings to chip away at old buildup and grim. This is where having a regular cleaning service after the deep clean is so important. They will continue to not only remove the old dirt, but to make sure that any new dirt, wont build up like it did prior. Recurring cleanings continuously help keep your environment tidy, but deep cleans not only provide a deeper physically clean space, but also a thorough disinfection that eradicates harmful germs and pathogens.

Deep Cleaning options

A deep clean depends not only on the cleaning company chosen, but also on the scope of work requested by the client. Here are some examples of what the process can entail.

  • Scrubbing

  • Wiping

  • Disinfecting

  • Carpet cleaning

  • Wall washing

  • Window washing and detailing

  • High dusting

  • Deep dusting

  • Hand wiped baseboards

  • Grout cleaning

  • Interior cabinets and drawer cleaning

  • Post pest clean up

It covers both hard-to-reach areas and high-touch points that may not be cleaned on a regular basis and or ever. Due to the intricacy involved in deep cleanings, most companies hire professional cleaning services instead of trying to do this task on their own.

Benefits of Recurring Services after Deep Cleanings

To better understand the importance of continued services after a deep clean, consider all the benefits of working with a professional cleaning company. This allows you to delegate the burdensome task of cleaning your facility without wasting time and or money if not done correctly.

Saving Time and Energy

When you schedule a deep cleaning first, and then have consistent cleanings afterwards, this allows you to save time and energy on daily cleaning tasks and ongoing disinfection. If you only perform a one-time deep clean, it allows your business to accumulate dirt, grime, or pathogens regardless of how good the cleaning was. The longer you go between cleanings, the more time and energy it will take to get the job done correctly. Since deep cleans tend to be far more consuming and more expensive than regular cleanings, and or spot cleanings, this can lead to huge sacrifices of time and money for the business.

maintaining the Health and overall appearance of Your Business

Did you know that deep cleans target the entire facility which can help the air quality as well as rid germs? Deep cleans target built-up dust, dirt, grime, mildew, bacteria, and anything else that’s hiding in the dark corners of your space. This is highly beneficial for your physical health and the health of the people around you.

always Working in a Clean Environment

A cleaner space improves your overall mental health by reducing stress and anxiety and improving productivity levels. This will ensure that you’ll be able to entertain clients or interview potential new hires without having to worry about whether or not your business is welcoming and or putting people off. You will indeed have a space that people will want to come to, as well as work at.

Enjoy Routine Cleanings

One-time deep cleans provide you with a much needed clean environment, but it’s not something that lasts very long. Before you know it, germs, dirt, dust and pathogens will begin to build up all over again. The longer you go between deep cleanings, the worse the accumulation gets. This is why recurring cleaning services are the best way to stop the build up from happening again.

Trust with Cleaners

We all know how to search Google, but when looking for a cleaning company for your your facility, it’s important that you trust them in the first place. This can be made easily with filling out free surveys and scheduling walkthroughs with the companies of interest. This gives you a chance to meet face to face and go over your needs as well as see if you enjoy them! If you only schedule a one-time deep clean, you may end up using different companies based on their staffing availability. This then requires more research, time, meet ups and overall stress from the searching company. When you have recurring cleanings, you’ll work with one company only. This will not only help you build a trusting relationship with them, but also give you the peace of mind that your company's cleanliness is indeed in the best hands.

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