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Tips to Follow To Keep Your Retail Space Sanitized During the Pandemic

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Staying cooped up indoors has been an enormous challenge during this COVID-19 pandemic. However, a more significant challenge has been establishing a safety protocol for those flocking towards retail stores. As more and more retailers are opening back up their doors ensuring their spaces are sanitized and safe is at the forefront of business owner’s minds. As a retailer, if you are constantly trying to find cleaning companies in Baltimore that can deliver - look no further!

Here's what you need to narrow down your option:

When looking for cleaning services in Baltimore, be sure to check with them that the below points are being considered in their cleaning strategy.

  • The scientific community researching and studying the Corona virus gene learns something new about the virus every day. The newer discoveries they make often change how one can prepare themselves, establish precautions, and clean practices to help mankind be safe.

How Hiring a Cleaning Service Provider Can Help Make Your Retail Stores Safe?

  • Clean and Disinfect Points of Entry

Canton Cleaning Company

Entry areas, floors, and doors often set the tone of the store. Finding the right cleaning services fully-equipped to undertake the huge task of handling high touch point areas such as these doors, door handles, windows, and disinfecting them routinely is essential. Cleaning services are experts in this department, professionally trained to use the right equipment to handle commercial cleaning at retail stores, ensuring the safety of all those who enter or exit the store.

  • Clean Floor Area

Clean Floor Area - Canton Cleaning Company

Most retail stores nowadays have spaces where the entire or partial floor area is covered with carpet, tile, or hardwood. Oftentimes such surfaces give the illusion that the floors are clean and require less cleaning. However, as a result of this very aspect, retail spaces are quite unsafe for customers and could play a massive role in contracting illnesses. So, instead of relying on just the carpets to keep the floors looking clean, with the right cleaning company in Baltimore you can avail services suited to your retail spaces' cleaning needs.

Floors can be a breeding area for dust, dust, debris, germs, and stale viruses. Hiring a cleaning company best suited to your needs can enable you to fulfill the need to keep the floors looking sparkly and shiny at all times. It is one of the largest empty surface areas in your store, and sparkly clean floors leave a great impression on one and all entering the space. Hire a cleaning service in your area that has services such as waxing, stripping, and buffing the floors to give the floors the care they need.

  • Clean Communal Area

Communal areas have high contact surfaces that get touched by people a lot. These are areas such as handrails, shopping carts, equipment, restrooms, etc. Apart from bi-weekly or weekly cleaning routines done by cleaning companies in Baltimore, these areas need to be disinfected and sanitized regularly every day, in small intervals. This could ensure the safety of customers and employees, especially during the pandemic.

  • Clean Restrooms

Having clean restrooms is another priority area that your Baltimore cleaning service should focus on. Restrooms are breeding grounds of germs and viruses, and in order to contain the massive spread of the virus, keeping the restrooms clean for customers is of utmost importance.

If you’re looking for an incredible cleaning company in Baltimore, who are well versed in cleaning during CO-VID times, then make sure to hire the professionals at Canton Cleaning Company.


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