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When, How and Why You Should Hire Home Cleaning Services During COVID-19

house cleaning in Baltimore

Professional cleaning services are indispensable today, transforming our places into sparkling sanctuaries and creating a healthy environment for residents. Although scheduling a company in Baltimore for home cleaning services is a great deal of relief, contacting someone is a concern during the COVID-19 times.

You must be wondering if it’s safe to hire professionals for house cleaning in Baltimore during a pandemic. When it comes to the right time for getting home cleaning services these days, there’s no answer, since new cases of the virus have been emerging from everywhere.

However, you can make the decision of home cleaning through professionals based on some factors, which include:

COVID-19 Guidelines per Jurisdiction

Businesses are gradually opening in the city and county, and people are allowed to go out and slowly resume a sense of normalcy. Many in recent months have turned to services in Baltimore for home cleaning. When turning to a service for home cleaning services in Baltimore make sure the provider has health safety practices in place per CDC guidelines.

Family Health and Comfort

As per the CDC, an individual’s risk for illness from COVID-19 increases with age; those in their 60s or 70s are at a higher risk than people in their 30s or 40s. Apart from that, individuals with severe chronic conditions like type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure are more likely to experience more severe effects of COVID-19 than healthy persons. Ensuring safe social distancing measures, it makes a lot of sense to turn to a professional to visit your space to disinfect and clean your general areas as well as nooks and crannies.

House Cleaning Service Protocols

Before hiring a company for home cleaning, communicate with the service provider to understand their services and procedures they follow to keep their employees and clients safe. The company must be able to tell all the steps it takes to ensure everyone’s safety. For example, cleaners wear a mask and gloves before entering the job site. Also, should be discarding products used for the last home they cleaned.

The best cleaning services comply with the CDC's cleaning and disinfecting guidelines.

Physical Distancing

The safest way to get your house cleaned by professionals is to leave the place when cleaners are inside. As many are working or going to school at home these days, it may be impossible. Ensure a distance of at least six feet and if you can spread out to different rooms or levels of the home- great!

Bottom Line

If you are thinking of house cleaning in Baltimore, feel prepared and confident when allowing cleaning personnel into your home.


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