8 Must-Have Cleaning Supplies for Every Home

Happiness is a freshly cleaned house!

The cleaning and sanitizing of your beautiful home is necessary. It will save you from diseases that are caused due to dirt, dust, germs, and bacteria living in your house, and also everyone likes to live in a clean and tidy space.

Cleaning is tough, and often a lengthy task. Our cleaning services in Baltimore are here to help make your office spaces and homes shine. However, if you’re looking for ways to keep your spaces tidy between cleanings provided by our Cleaning Services in Baltimore , we’re here to help. Take a look at this handy list of eight must-have supplies to keep your spaces looking “Canton Clean” all the time!

1. Microfiber Flip Mop

Microfiber mops are incredibly versatile cleaning instruments, making it perfect for cleaning your house in Baltimore. It is going to be very helpful in cleaning wood, tiles, or linoleum floors. It can also easily clean any dust, dirt, and hair from any floor, making it an essential tool for any home cleaner.

2. All-round Vacuum Cleaner with HEPA Filter

You should choose a vacuum cleaner that comes with an extra power cord and features detachable tools so you can reach every corner of your home. Picking a lightweight one that is easy to handle is also a plus. Ensure that your vacuum cleaner (new or old) always has a working HEPA filter to improve air quality for you and your family.


This is going to save your hands and keep them soft and protected from harsh chemicals while doing your home cleaning in Baltimore. It would be best if you used either latex or rubber made gloves which are both reusable and easy to wear.

3. Lint Roller

Calling all animal lovers! Lint rollers are a big savior of your carpets and sofas if you have pets around. They will help you pick up those tough to reach hairs and will also remove other tiny and hard to reach fuzzies.

4. Sponge Pads and Brillo Pads

Sponges and Brillo pads are not just helpful in and around the kitchen, but you can also use them to clean grimy surfaces in your kitchen, bathroom and beyond. Brillo pads will remove soap scum from glass shower doors, tackle bathtub rust and even take scuff marks off of the floor!

5. Steam Mop

Steam mops are capable of killing many more germs than your average mop, since most operate at 250 degrees, allowing for even better and more thorough germ killing. If you’re looking to amp up your at-home cleaning game, a steam mop is a great place to start. The hardwood floors of your Baltimore home will thank you!

Carpet Cleaner

Most people have a traditional carpet cleaner in their homes, but purchasing a carpet steamer will absolutely elevate the cleanliness of your rugs and carpets. All these equipment and supplies will help take your at-home cleaning capabilities to the next level, however, nothing is better than having your home cleaning services in Baltimore taken care of by Canton Cleaning Company!

With the help of our Baltimore house cleaning services, you’ll never have to worry about purchasing all these essentials for a clean home or office.

Happy Cleaning!


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